We want you to experience and even be part of what we do! With 25 years of expertise and experience in the fields of sport development and community development through sport, we are proud to show you how and where we work, and to share what we have learned. 

You can visit and experience what we do on an interactive tour where you’ll meet our participants, begin to understand the socio-cultural context in which we work, and play sport with our participants if you want to. You can also join our team and volunteer, sharing your time and skills in a community and making your own lasting impact. And you can hire our services, allowing us to share our expertise, benefitting from our experience and supporting us to become more self-sustainable.
Just get in touch to learn more and to make your own contribution to changing lives through sport.


For SCORE to provide children and youth in the communities with valuable skills and lessons they need to succeed in life, we rely on the support of volunteers. Giving kids the opportunity to participate in sports and learn new sports, to keep them off the streets and away from violence, drugs and peer pressure is an essential part of our work …  Read more


Partnering with SCORE is an investment in social change through sport.
When you give us money or time or products, we use them to invest in a child’s personal development, to empower youth, and through the people we train, to create positive change in communities.
Your investment makes our investment in young lives and communities possible.
Your giving doesn’t only pay for or provide what we require to do our work: it generates tangible social returns. You only need to look through our “Inspiring Change” stories to get a glimpse of the benefits and many examples

There are many ways you can partner with SCORE, invest and make your own contribution: from donating money to benefitting from our expertise and hiring our services … read more