There are many ways you can partner with SCORE, invest and make your own contribution: from donating money to benefiting from our expertise and hiring our services. Over the years, we’ve gained valuable expertise that we’ve packaged into products and services that may just be what you’ve been looking for.

Hire Our Services

In order to become more self-sustainable, SCORE has pursued a social enterprise model and generates income as well as doing fundraising. Understandably, donors and social investors want to see as much of their financial contribution being spent directly on programming and on the people who are benefiting from our programs. However, in order to achieve this, SCORE needs a strong and professional management and administration. We fund this through generating our own income by providing services based on the more than two decades of experience and expertise we have.


SCORE is an accredited training service provider under South Africa’s Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA). We provide accredited training in the field of sports administration, leadership, management and coaching.

We also provide other non-accredited training, especially in areas that combine sport with other important social issues and areas, for example, health, (including HIV and AIDS), diversity management and entrepreneurship.

In addition, we have a school-based training program called Youth Leads, aligned to the South African Life Orientation curriculum, at both primary school and high school levels. This training is focused on leadership development and covers physical activity, personal development and social development

Previous Clients

South African Department of Correctional Services - life skills training

Lesotho National Olympic Committee - strategic and organisational development for emerging sports NGO

Cape Town Child Welfare - integrated sport for development programming

  International Volunteer Preparation and Training

SCORE has 25 years of experience in preparing, training and hosting foreign volunteers. We understand the critical issues that young people need to be aware of when they travel to live and work in a different culture. Our training focuses on skills building and provides useful tips and tools to deal with cross-cultural transition, to understand and manage a different working environment, and to reflect on personal development throughout the volunteer experience. Although our primary experience is in the field of sport, we also provide training for organisations sending or hosting international volunteers in a broad spectrum of development areas.

Previous Clients

Fredskorpset Norway (Norwegian Peace Corps) - cross-cultural exchange pre-departure training

Commonwealth Games Association of Canada - pre-departure training and post-placement debriefing

UK Sport IDEALS program - pre-departure training and orientation

  Team Building

Let us do some teambuilding with you! We can organise a day-long program or a several day camp, that will take your team through a variety of fun activities and challenges to help your team members reflect, learn and work together as a more effective team.

In 2010, a team from Red Bull enjoyed a Team Building day with us. After a short introductory session, they worked in teams to build some spectator stands next to a multi-purpose outdoor court, learned traditional games from our local sports leaders and played sports. They also had the chance to engage with the community members, participate in small group discussion sessions, and ended the day by sharing a traditional meal.

  Corporate Volunteering

Do you want to organise a volunteering activity in a disadvantaged community that has impact and is part of on-going, structured programming? We can help you organise a program that brings your staff together with our community sports leaders and leaves them knowing their contribution made a difference. Program range from an afternoon in a community nearby to several days in a community far from home.

There are many reasons offering a short term volunteer project to your employees will leave a long-lasting impact. Bringing a group of employees to a different country, a different culture, language and environment will challenge each individual in that group to adapt, to grow and to leave with an experience they will never forget.

Here are more reasons:

  • Grow/enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty for your company
  • Experience a once in a lifetime journey
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking and adaptability in an unfamiliar environment
  • Increase morale and productivity amongst your employees
  • Create a cooperative company culture
  • Enhance company public image and community service (CSR)
  • Develop employee skills and personal growth

The value of group volunteering and the opportunity to build confidence, create team spirit, and experience a challenge outside of the usual office environment lies in the collective memories and experiences of employees that lay a lasting foundation for corporate/organisational growth.

Since 2009, we began hosting groups of volunteers from adidas HQ and adidas South Africa to undertake different projects within our communities in South Africa and Namibia. Read about our volunteers’ experiences here

Corporate/group volunteering usually lasts from half a day to 10 days, depending on the program content. Your team will travel to one of the communities we work with and get involved in our program activities, such as: doing sports activities with children and youth, supporting planning, organising and implementation of a sports event, or building/refurbishing a sports facility.

We are happy to discuss your options further once we know what you are looking for and what you would like to achieve by offering the group volunteering.

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