Happy Birthday SCORE! 25 years of changing lives – July 2016

Let me attempt by thanking and acknowledging all the heroes and heroines who have made it possible for SCORE to celebrate this magnificent milestone of reaching 25 years. SCORE has used sport to provide children and youth with valuable skills and opportunities that they need to succeed in life and contribute to their communities in different ways over the years. The impressive record has been made possible by all who have been involved with SCORE, including our volunteers, our communities, universities, partners, donors, government and SCORE staff with all important and lasting contributions. Volunteers, your service in the years, what you stand for and who you are, has shaped and inspired us. You have always strived to be better support to our communities. We would not have accomplished what we have without your selfless contribution. You have made SCORE’s mission a reality. You are keeping the flag flying high!!!

A special thanks and honour goes to our good friend, colleague Stefan Howells - you have been at the helm of this organisation in difficult and prosperous times. You have built SCORE with a sound and solid foundation that continues to inspire all those around. You have designed and conceptualised innovative programs and expanded SCOREs operations. You have maintained and sustained funding and improved the quality of life for a lot of young and old. We salute you! Inspirational leaders on the Board, you have been our pillar of strength but most especially our chairperson Professor Timothy Noakes with your boundless enthusiasm, support and leadership. You support us with funding and giving your valuable time and advice to SCORE at all times. My sincere appreciation is reserved to all our families of current and former volunteers and staff for all the sacrifices and support to be able to reach this memorable milestone. Partners, funders, government we would not achieve the results if it was not for your contributions.

I am confident looking ahead that we will continue to work hard on our number one job, locally and internationally, that of changing lives through sport for lots of years to come.

Our future is bright, we will host our annual flagship event, the Cup of Heroes which is 10 years this year in style on the 1st to 3rd October 2016 in Pretoria and we continue to introduce tennis, basketball and volleyball to our communities. We will continue to develop holistic child development programmes centred around sport at the two community sport centres. We will accredit our sports leaders to VIP level and continue to respond to the needs of our youth leaders and their communities, we will empower them with entrepreneurial skills, environmental awareness and new ways to generate income.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary with events this year, please know that we are thinking of all of you! It’s a pity that it won’t be possible to meet you all personally but know that your significant mark left in this organisation is not forgotten but will be treasured forever!

Sincere regards,

Betty Kgomotlokwa Lallie

Executive Director, SCORE