I couldn’t believe that Zulus and Xhosas and coloured people were interacting together!

Candice, 15 – from Moshate/Limpopo Province

Growing up in Moshate, I was introduced to sports in primary school and immediately fell in love with it – the interaction with other people and learning new sports is what drives me day by day.

When my team qualified for the SCORE International Cup of Heroes in Pretoria in 2014 for the first time, we had such an amazing time! I was surprised and blown away by the amount and diversity of people: I couldn’t believe that Zulus and Xhosas and coloured people were interacting together. And everyone was so nice and full of life. I suddenly realized that all the bad things I heard about these kids from different backgrounds (like I would get acnes or ugly marks or even pain if I touched them) cannot be true! The whole event and being with the people of SCORE inspired me so much, how they contributed so much to our experience at Cup of Heroes!

One of my greatest goals in life is to work for SCORE one day. The reason for that is that SCORE shares my love for sport, encourages people to aim high, to interact with and learn from each other. When I see SCORE staff, I admire their commitment to sports, the way they push themselves to learn new cultures and languages … even though they sometimes sound funny when the try to pronounce a word.

I want to show people what being a South African means to me, by being a SCORE volunteer I will show them that it’s ok to be different here and there as long as you strive for a common goal.
I want to show that life is not just a dream but you can actually achieve things and make your dreams come true. To motivate young people to make the best out of themselves (stay away from drugs) is one of my goals in life – so being a SCORE staff member would mean the world to me.

My goal is SCORE!