I can have an impact

Emmalene – Administrator at the Franschhoek Valley Community Sport Centre

Growing up, I’ve always aimed towards inspiring, motivating and giving back to my community and when I started working as an administrator for SCORE at the Franschhoek Valley Community Sport Centre my dream came true. My “wow moment” working here was being part of the planning and coordinating of our Women’s Week Program, together with Angela and Megan – two volunteers from the United States. We shared the same goal: to raise awareness for the importance of the females in my community. My personal goal was to empower young girls to live with full confidence and a positive mind set and get them more involved in activities in the community.

Angela and Megan became like family and best friends to me, we worked together long hours on the project, going out to all the schools in my community to speak with girls, promoting our event … we reached more than 600 girls!

Working with them helped me gain knowledge and confidence in different areas. During the Women’s Week, I felt proud of myself, seeing confident girls taking part in activities, young girls setting positive goals for their future. I had the feeling that I can have an impact; I can make a change in my community. After the event we could see the difference we made through our event till today – the total of girls participating in all activities has increased at the Sport Centre and programs for girls are running consistently. During a session a group of girls indicated me as their safe space, a person that they can trust, that to me encouraged me even more to come to my work every day and to be more than an administrator.