Real Happiness Through Giving

Gabriela – Corporate Volunteer, SCORE Cup of Heroes 2015

I was very excited to become a volunteer with the adidas Fund and SCORE for a fantastic project and to be able to do something good for kids. The entire trip sounded very promising and adventurous right from the beginning – especially, when you travel with colleagues you most probably haven´t met before. But it was one of the best experiences to go on a journey and grow together so quickly and effortlessly as we did within a very short amount of time. I never once felt like working with colleagues. It was “friends” right from the beginning.

The members of the SCORE Team as well as our adidas Cape Town colleagues are all incredibly inspiring people. Anyone who tries to make this world a better place is my personal hero. And during my week with SCORE’s Cup of Heroes I have met quite a few of my personal heroes. Not only the team members but also the kids we met.

To see what sport can do for children and what these children- coming from under-privileged communities in South Africa – are able to achieve when they are given a chance, is mind-blowing.

This trip has been as educational for me as it has been for the kids who participated in this sport event. To actually see and to experience that good and involving education is worth more then money was a first lesson to learn. And to realize that our western/rich way of thinking doesn´t necessarily apply for other cultures´ way of living or general understanding of life, was really eye-opening. You have to meet with people and learn to understand their culture in order to make their lives better.

All these facts made me think hard about my own values and goals and what really is necessary to be happy in life. In a nutshell: happiness is an inside job. You don´t need the latest accessory or expensive car to make you feel better or worthy. Try to be a good person and make other people happy. That brings real satisfaction.

So, if you want to learn more about yourself and if you want to leave your comfort zone and do something good, become a volunteer. For me, it is a privilege to be offered a chance like this by an employer like adidas. And the SCORE organisation does a fantastic job in South Africa. Keep doing what you are doing!!!