SCORE is like a big Friend

Hulda - SCORE Community Coordinator Namibia

For me SCORE as like a big friend. It’s such an open organization. When I joined SCORE as a volunteer, I didn’t have any skills and experiences. I have never been coaching before and was also not confident enough. But SCORE gave me the chance to develop these things.

Before I was introduced to SCORE I did not facilitate a workshop, I also did not coach before, I never approached a sponsor or company before, I ever planned a bigger project or event before. With SCORE I developed self-confidence and communication skills. I also gained experience, was exposed to new things and met a lot of new people. Now, people respect me and see me as a resourceful person, which makes me proud.

For me the yellow logo of SCORE stands for kindness, patience, understanding and listening to people. Get up and go to the children. If there are no volunteers, get up and do it yourself, get somebody and get it started. Sometimes volunteers in the communities are getting quiet. Then I start to organize something and get them involved again. That’s how they learn to value their own worth and strengthen their leadership skills.