Beyond words and emotions

Maike – Corporate Volunteer, adidas Coaching Camp, Mbekweni 2015

In August 2015, I went to participate in the SCORE Capacity Building and Coaching Camp in Mbekweni, South Africa for the second time – this time guiding the volunteer group through their experience as the team lead.

Before I joined the coaching camp in Mbekweni in 2014 for the first time I was looking for something different to my daily work, an experience possibly outside my comfort zone „where the magic happens“ and especially a project that would make sense. What I got was far beyond: beyond words, emotions and all things I had thought about before. I fell in love with both the very welcoming people and the country and decided to go back for my vacation half a year later where I also helped with the SCORE Cup of Heroes in Pretoria.

Every time it is amazing to see how fast a diverse group of people out of different locations and cultures can grow into a group of friends through shared experiences. In all three projects I helped with, I found new friends that are very close to my heart. From the organization, I learned that a clear approach, a common objective and particularly passion are most important to both lead a team and to really change things to the better. I learned something different every time, whether it was handling unexpected circumstances, managing projects within a different cultural environment or the importance of a shared goal for a team. However, what was the most obvious to me is that there are way more important things than our issues at home (in Germany). It's important to take care of each other and be happy about the little things in life.