Moments that matter in my life

The volunteer trip to Oshakati (Namibia) was definitely one of the most valuable experiences in my life. Two weeks in a world full of inspiration, joy, surprises, happiness, experiences and change! I am unbelievable grateful for the time there, that enriched our team from three different continents on so many facets.


Before starting the capacity building camp with SCORE, I often asked myself: Does Sport really have the power to change lives? After the first day playing and competing with the kids I was already convinced – Yes, sport has definitely the power to change lives! The activities of SCORE have an incredible impact on the children’s youth.  It’s hard to imagine how motivated, loyal and eager to learn everybody was. Seeing the tears of many kids when we were leaving the sports field on the first evening revealed the importance of our work there.


SCORE created lots of special moments to us during this trip. They put so many efforts in briefing us for the capacity building sessions and supporting us no matter how. The valuable time with the kids, the experience of staying a night at an African family, the trip to a traditional village and the wild drive are only some examples of wonderful memories I will never forget. 

THANKS for everything, SCORE!