Iā€™m a human catalyst

Mpumi ā€“ SCORE staff

2001 was an exciting year for a young graduate at 23 years armed with a degree in Sport Administration and Marketing. My dream was clearly set, leave Port Elizabeth (my hometown), venture to SCORE in Cape Town (big, amazing, beautiful), volunteer at their marketing department and use that as my springboard on my way to Sport Marketing thereafter.

I joined SCORE as a volunteer, having experienced a multi-national orientation consisting of volunteers from different countries. The two week long orientation opened my eyes to the world in ways that I never thought possible. Having bonded with people from different backgrounds and countries made my outlook of giving back to society wider.

After different stations with SCORE in Namibia and different provinces of South Africa and completing my degree in Sport Management and my honours in Group Dynamics in 2013, I returned to SCORE as the Manager of the Mbekweni Community Sport Centre in Mbekweni in the Western Cape. Working at the Sport Centre has once again allowed me an opportunity to work and interact with youth from different backgrounds. The interaction and meetings this time around is taking place in a world class facility and no longer in schools classrooms and under trees. This space allows for children and youth to be in a safe space where they can learn and play.

The Mbekweni Sport Centre continues to inspire me to become a better person and ensure that I provide an environment where staff and participants of the Centre can have a feeling that the facility and the programmes are contributing towards their lives being better.

I continue to do what I do as it fulfils my personal purpose in life being a HUMAN CATALYST ā€“ enabling humans to be the best that they can be.