SCORE is family

Steffi – Corporate Volunteer, adidas Coaching Camp Mbekweni 2013 & 2014

I had the chance to join the adidas Fund and SCORE twice as a volunteer for the Coaching Camp at Mbekweni Community Sports Centre. This was THE most wonderful life experience in my entire life and I will never forget about it.

The first time I´ve been to Mbekweni was in 2013 as a volunteer. I didn´t know what to expect and I was not sure if I could contribute something to the program. I was nervous and excited at the same time and full of hope to be able to make a small change, even if it was only in one kid’s life.

When entering the community the first time I was not feeling like a stranger at all – I immediately felt like home. The kids and young leaders at the Sports Centre were just amazing and welcomed us so warmly.

One of my contributions to this whole program was to teach Zumba to the kids and the goal was to have someone continue doing Zumba sessions in the Centre once I was gone.

When first seeing the kids dance and sing I was doubting that I could even teach them something like dancing because if anyone can dance: it´s these kids. Their rhythm and joy for music was overwhelming and I was getting even more nervous to “deliver”. At the end, my fear was for no reason. The kids loved to dance together and to follow a certain routine. They enjoyed learning something new. They had so much fun that I had cramps in my cheeks from smiling throughout the lesson.

Not only was I able to contribute something but what I received in return was amazing: I felt blessed and the laughter and fun we have shared together bonded us even more. I felt like I was part of this big community and it was such an amazing feeling.

I wasn´t called Steffi anymore :-) I was just going by the name of “Zuuuuumbaaaa” – and every time a child passed by and called me “Zuuuumbaaaa” my eyes were sparkling with joy.

I was starting to think who could continue Zumba once I am gone – and there was that one young leader who is just so talented in everything that she does: Cwenga. One of her passions is dancing, so we went through some basic teaching skills. I´ve explained how to create a choreography, how to work with the music and how to do cueing’s. She picked up so quickly and was so interested in learning.

She joined me “on stage” several times and at our last day she even did Zumba by herself with all the 100´s of kids involved. It may be strange to say, but I was so proud seeing her on stage rocking Zumba all by herself.