Live life to the fullest

Tania – Corporate Volunteer, SCORE Cup of Heroes 2014

It was an awesome and overwhelming experience for me as an individual to be part of such an amazing event with an incredibly energized team once again, the instant bond that was formed with all adidas people from South Africa and Germany and the SCORE team was just great. Fantastic teamwork and a good spirit stood out for me. The most impressive part is how much more we can achieve through sport and by working together.

Being part of the Cup of Heroes 2014 was definitely one of the most rewarding volunteering opportunities I ever experienced. I went there with the aim to support those kids but I was surprised at the end how much they taught me about life, values and culture.

My key take-away from this experience was: live life to the fullest and be grateful for what you have.
These young people traveled for up to 20 hours on buses to join the event, put months of hard work into their community projects and preparing their cultural presentations, and showed so much heart and passion on the playing field. It proves that if you are given the opportunity to apply yourself, there are no limits.

It was also an eye-opening experience. What made it special for me was to be part of the youth changing the world through sport; the diversity of cultures coming together for ONE GOAL in forming ONE NATION. The children’s energy that they showed and how passionate they are about sport and their culture was very impressive.

The Cup of Heroes 2014 was truly an unforgettable and memorable event that I will always treasure.