The Cup of Heroes is SCORE's flagship Sport and Development competition. Multi-skilled community youth teams compete in activities on and off the field, scoring points not only from goals, but also for their commitment to social transformation in their communities and for using sport as a tool to empower themselves and others.

The Cup of Heroes brings together players and young sports leaders from across Southern Africa to celebrate the power of sport and to showcase how they use the skills they have learned through sport to develop themselves and their community.

The competition runs for 9 months each year, with community teams scoring points from weekly and monthly activities in order to qualify as one of the 12 teams competing in the final competition held in late September/early October each year.

SCORE developed the Cup of Heroes as an aspirational competition that would serve as a key motivator to community clubs we work with. We recognized that players and sports leaders seek to develop themselves and their talents and skills, and need a platform to test and demonstrate this. Success motivates and inspires further aspiration; but failure can too…

Read the stories of Candice and Merriam and their team MOSHATE, that won the International Cup of Heroes in 2015.

The Cup of Heroes program, with required activities throughout the year, provides an ideal arena for testing and demonstrating skills and abilities both on and off the field – and motivating further participation and improvement.

Recognition of skills and achievements is crucial to motivating volunteer sports leaders beyond their own achievements in completing training, organising successful events or winning local sports tournaments. Recognition occurs within communities, when they reach out with their teams through community service, or when sports volunteers are elected into leadership positions in sport and in other structures.

Community Sports Volunteers of the Year are recognized and awarded by SCORE each year during the annual Cup of Heroes final competitions. 

The Cup of Heroes is SCORE’s ultimate test and recognition for community clubs – it’s a formula through which clubs can test themselves and compare themselves against each other annually. Through the year community clubs can track their position on the log, while at the final competition teams compete for the various prizes on offer and for the overall winner’s prize – the Cup of Heroes itself. However, the aspiration is not only to win – it’s to be there. Clubs aspire all year for the opportunity to qualify to go to this incredible event and be part of it; to travel, to meet 360 people from different communities, cultures and even countries, to have fun and learn, and of course, to compete. The Cup of Heroes is SCORE’s competition where heroes on and off the field are recognized, that teams want to return to, and where clubs want to improve on last year’s performance. As new participants join local teams and begin training, it’s the competition they dream of one day being part of and perhaps even winning themselves. And they know that if they learn, train, and work hard enough, that dream can become reality…