Building leadership skills and capacity is at the core of SCORE’s programming.  

Leadership capacity is critical to build strong, active and functional sports organising structures that can sustain community sports activities. Without strong clubs, associations and local sports forums and committees sport cannot develop and grow, and the opportunities to use sport for additional social impact will not be realised. Strong organisations are led by effective leaders and skilled organisers and are run by competent administrators. SCORE trains sports administrators, organisers and leaders to develop and practice their skills by establishing and strengthening local sports organising structures. This not only establishes a strong foundation for sport in any community, but in many cases creates entire new civil society structures and avenues for individuals to engage in their communities.

Training includes basic administration skills, event organising skills, volunteer management skills, but also more general process and people management and facilitation skills. Governance is a key area of training and support, to ensure accountability and democracy and to provide a solid basis for newly established sports structures to fundraise and build partnerships.

SCORE programming currently focuses on trained community sports leaders establishing multi-sport community clubs, with teams at different age groups. These clubs are encouraged to affiliate to local sports forums and link to federations where possible. They are also encouraged to organise leagues and regular tournaments and competitions. The more such clubs develop in a community, the better – increasing opportunities for participation, further developing sport, creating opportunities for talent development and providing a structure for federations to extend their own activities to the grass roots level.

Leadership training is not only about establishing sports organising capacity. SCORE trains young people in leadership skills so that from a young age they learn to take responsibility and show leadership in their own lives, in their families, in their schools and in their communities. A schools-based learner leadership development program “Youth Leads” gives learners in both primary and high school a framework for learning how to develop and manage their own intramural sports and other activities.

74% of Young Leaders that were trained felt they now have the skills and abilities to play a leadership role in sport and recreation in their communities (recent project survey)

McTrevor is one of SCORE’s former volunteers who – through leadership training – developed into a true leader and is now working for his local municipality.