Our long term goal in communities in which we work is to facilitate and support the establishment of sustainable sports organising structures.

We have a 5 phase intervention process:

  1. Participative Assessment & Planning
  2. Access, Activity & Participation
  3. Skills & Leadership Training (focusing on individuals)
  4. Organisation Building & Development
  5. Developing & Maintaining Networks of Support

Sustainability is the Goal:

Over time, SCORE aims to develop a self-sustainable, structured community sport system in each community in which we work. This is driven and supported mostly by young people we have trained and mentored and who represent and run sport in their own communities. 

When SCORE begins working in a community, we start with providing increased access to sport and play. As participation and interest grow, we begin to focus on skills development, and especially on developing young coaches, leaders and organisers who can assist in further growing the sport and take responsibility for leading activities.

In order to further establish sport, we support these young leaders to form teams and clubs.

Clubs bring together teams of players drawn from the participants and a group of youth leaders who coach them and run the administration of the club. 

As their skills develop and experience grows through further training and opportunities, strong leaders emerge from these clubs who are elected or appointed onto community sports organising structures. For SCORE these community sports leaders are a critical resource to sustain sport in the community; they not only manage it as part of the local sports forum, they are also the key trainers, facilitators and mentors of younger emerging leadership. 

Over time, SCORE’s support is therefore reduced as local sports leaders take over SCORE’s role of training, mentoring and support. SCORE remains one partner in a support network of community based and other stakeholders.

Critical to achieving this self-sustaining cycle of: Participation – Skills Development – Organisation Building, which creates clubs and committees that themselves support Participation – Skills Development to sustain and grow their sport, is effective training and mentoring. Over the years SCORE has developed a training pathway we call our Leadership Ladder.

Training Pathway & the SCORE Leadership Ladder:

The Leadership Ladder is constructed as a youth leadership development pathway that takes identified youth through a series of workshops and leadership activities designed to develop and support their leadership potential, so that they can succeed in life and contribute positively to their own communities.

This Leadership Ladder offers:

A training and activity pathway for growth and development in sport, life and leadership skills; there are workshop sessions and practical exercises to demonstrate skills learned.

Training that moves from a basic to a higher level of skill and competence development, both in terms of training content and in terms of application through activities.

A pathway that begins with a focus on the individual but leads to a focus on the organisation; thereby developing skills to manage organisations and processes.

Trainees the opportunity to ‘graduate’ from one level to the next, depending on the competence level achieved, and with each level they take on more responsibility.